Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. STL black 44
Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. STL black 44
Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. STL black 44

Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. STL black 44

370 €
Introducing the Carbon G.STL, the latest evolution of our renowned performance road racing cycling shoe. Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge materials and innovative design, this lightweight masterpiece represents the pinnacle of cycling footwear, born from years of collaboration with top athletes in the World Tour.
The microfiber material is strategically perforated to prioritize breathability and enhance air ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your ride. Whether you're tackling grueling climbs or sprinting for the finish line, the Carbon G.STL ensures optimal airflow to prevent overheating and maintain peak performance. Internally, the shoe is combined with mesh to provide long-lasting foot support and enhancing the stability.
The INFIT CLOSURE SYSTEM, featuring six fixing zones, offers endless adjustment possibilities for a precise, personalized fit. Two separate BOA® dials enable tailored fit adjustments in both the instep and forefoot areas. The system integrates the new Lightweight and low-profile Li2 Dial, known for its reduced control-dial diameter and sleeker, more aerodynamic profile, facilitating rapid and precise micro-adjustments.
The FIT TONGUE 1.0 is seamlessly constructed with variable thickness and incorporates a high-tech cushion layer for enhanced comfort and breathability.
The ANATOMIC HEEL CUP 1.0 is equipped with an internal non-slip treatment, ensuring superior stability and foot control for enhanced power transmission.
The EPS Lightweight Transpirant Insole, featuring anatomical support on the heel and tarsal area, enhances stability and comfort while maximizing power transfer and efficiency. Strategically placed perforations corresponding to the sole holes improve ventilation, creating a better microclimate inside the shoe.
The GAERNE EPS Lightweight Full Carbon Sole 12.0 is engineered with carbon fiber to minimize weight while maximizing stiffness for optimal power transfer. Its plantar arch shape provides immediate support and stability to the foot. Strategically placed air vents and internal channels ensure superior ventilation. The sole includes an anti-slip insert in the toe and an interchangeable pad in the rear. With 9mm expanded cleat position options and an integrated alignment scale, riders can easily replicate their preferred cleat positions. With an index of rigidity 12, this sole is the stiffest in the Gaerne range.
Carbon G.STL is proudly Made in Italy.