Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. Tuono white 43
Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. Tuono white 43
Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. Tuono white 43

Kingad Gaerne Carbon G. Tuono white 43

219 €
Introducing the G.TUONO, a timeless choice for those looking to maximize every mile. Crafted to seamlessly blend performance and comfort, these shoes are perfect for cyclists in search of a functional product.
The microfiber material is strategically perforated with holes in different sizes, thoughtfully arranged across the entire upper to optimize breathability and enhance air ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your ride. Internally, the shoe is paired with mesh to provide enduring foot support and enhance stability.
The Closure System, equipped with a micro-adjustable BOA L6 DIAL C reel and 5 lace guides ensure a uniform and secure closure, without any pressure points.
The rounded part of the BOA reel is made of rubber, ensuring excellent grip.
The FIT TONGUE 1.0 is seamlessly constructed and incorporates a high-tech cushion layer for enhanced comfort and breathability.
The integrated anti-slip heel cup with internal non-slip treatment enhances foot stability and control for an improved riding experience.
EPS TRANSPIRANT INSOLE, featuring anatomical support for comfort and pedaling efficiency.
The GAERNE EPS CARBON POWER SOLE 8.0, made of nylon enriched with carbon for enchanced rigidity. Its thin profile allows for efficient pedaling without energy dispersion, while the plantar arch shape enhances foot stability. Strategically placed air vents and internal channels ensure superior ventilation. Non-slip rubber inserts at the front and back provide secure walking, with the rear insert being replaceable. Featuring 9mm expanded cleat position options and an integrated alignment scale, cyclists can easily replicate their preferred cleat positions. The sole is compatible with all clipless pedals, boasting an index of rigidity 8.
G.TUONO is proudly Made in Italy.
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