Trainings & Competitions

In cooperation with Bike Fanatics CC, we organize the annual Koidu CX stage and cyclocross bike trainings.

Bike Fanatics Keila CX


We will organise the 2021 season in a completely new location and on a new track in Keila. The course will be more interesting and we have also made it more interesting for the spectators to watch the race by adding a separate time trial and prizes for the "Click Descent" section. This section is especially designed for those who like to come down the hill fast. This section consists of a technical descent on a slippery and negatively sloping grassy slope and a sand obstacle. There will be a separate time trial and the competition for the title of the fastest climber of the section will take place across age groups and starts.

Sigvardi CX training

Autumn 2020

Every autumn on Wednesdays Sigvard conducts CX trainings in Tallinn. More info Bike Fanatics CC on facebook page.