BikeFit service

Idmatch BikeLab

Idmatch BikeLab is the world's first scientific auto-canceling and self-adjusting bike riding positioning system!


The first marker-free analysis system. The software automatically detects the points of articulation of the body, determining angles of movement and angular velocities. The analysis allows the simulator setup to be automatically adjusted in real time.

3D Scanning

Three-dimensional scanning of the whole body improves the accuracy of the measurement and allows the analysis of movements in three anatomical planes. The software automatically recognises the points where body joints join and determines the lengths of body segments.


The connection between the software and the SmartBike allows the system to independently change the configuration during the test. A database of over 300 brands and 10 000 products, which is constantly updated, allows you to choose the exact frame and accessories you need.

Idmatch CleatFit

Idmatch Setup System


BikeFit full service* (estimated time up to 2h) - 220€

- includes the installation of shoe blocks

- includes analysis of the appropriate frame and saddle.

*transferring the dimensions to the wheel on the basis of the hourly rate according to the model of the wheel.

Installation of shoe blocks by laser measurement (estimated time up to 45min) - 40€

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